Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

They have to have everything an extra in Emirates…really…so I have been thinking and saying to myself that it would be nice to summarize some the most interesting “the best” which I have already seen or I’m preparing to see.

Whether it is a hotel Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest tower Burj Khalifa, an artificial island of Palm Jumeirah or a diving engineered archipelago The World. I would like to start with the possibly biggest paradox I can imagine.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Burj Al Arab, a hotel owned by Jumeirah company, shaped as a sailing boat is really very well known hotel. Of course it is because it become to be a symbol of United Arab Emirates. Burj Al Arab hotel’s architect – Tom Wright – was really reputable man but probably also a little bit mad or a suicider.

Easter Egg or the purpose?

Until today he supposedly not commented yet an opinion that this building is probably the biggest Easter Egg which has been seen and realized arround the World. In rumours they say that he had a dream one night that Christianity will have one day a really big influence to muslim countries and he decided to include this dream and his idea inside a buildingof Burj Al Arab hotel as a big Christian cross with an argument that it is just a regular part of sailing boat.

Hard to say if it is true or just a myth but you have to be crazy and brave enough to include a Christian symbol inside the biggest Arabian symbol during these times.

Even today is still just a speculation if he did it on purpose or the biggest cross on the World has been done just by a mistake which nobody realized in advance and when they realized was already too late to change it… In my honest opinion I can not believe that on this kind of huge building which is prepared in 3D model and watched by many many people, it could be done just by the mistake and I think it has been built on purpose.

Just because you cannot see the cross from the land but only from the sea and it seems like some message for all incomming boats from a great distance.

The cross on the picture below is marked by black color to better see it but in the reality it is not notificable just on the first look.

Is it the biggest Christian cross in the World or not?

Is it the biggest Christian cross in the World or not?

When the cross on the Burj Al Arab hotel has been discovered it was allegedly in time when they were so far behind deadline and it made the situation even much worst. The developers started discussions if they should change it or leave it there. It is a good luck that they didn’t decide to destroy this beautiful building just because of some cross etc. because it would be really big pitty.