Portrait of a Tiger

Popularity for Tiger Safari in India Increases

With the top species of the ecological unit reaching the edge of extinction, an increasing number of tiger lovers are keen to travel across the world to witness the beast in reality. For years, people have believed in the ferocity of the animal but Tadoba National Park has sure to prove a new side of the species, as they grow to be one of the calmest animals. Continue reading


The power of spontaneous decisions

The power of spontaneous decisions

Until recently, I was an introverted, a little withdrawn and shy person. I’ve always had great plans for the future but never seemed to be able to put them in motion. I used to dream about distant lands and amazing adventures but I had a habit of putting these thoughts into “one day” folder. “ONE DAY I’ll do it”, I used to say.

I was just a dreamer who had never been able to actually do anything. Everything changed with one simple spontaneous thought, one sudden decision to grab a backpack and go to Thailand. Continue reading