Janův hrad castle, South Moravia, The Czech Republic

John’s Castle (Januv hrad), Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape, South Moravia, The Czech Republic

John’s Castle (originally Janův hrad)

The castle is locally almost known as “Janohrad” and usually no one calls it by original and correct name Janův hrad. John’s Castle was built between 1801 – 1808 as an artificial ruins by Joseph Hardtmuth’s project, yes the inventor of the pencil. By the way he projected also beautiful and romantic tower Minaret in Lednice but it is a tip for the next time.

Construction of John’s Castle

Mister designer had to solve many troubles during the construction of John’s Castle but one of the biggest of them was for sure very unstable and very wet ground and subgrade of the floodplain forest which had to be toughen by huge amount of wooden joists in the ground before they could even think about a start of the construction.

John’s Castle has been built from the stones which were brought from near Great Moravian’s fortified settlement Pohansko about which you will read on our website soon as well.

Intent and the purpose of building of John’s Castle

As the architect had already built a castle that will act as entirely plausible castle ruins, he really took care to every detail and kept a lot of old principles in the construction of castles. Unlike other fake ruin was but John’s Castle built from scratch so that it was possible to inhabit during occasional hunting and performed as a hunting lodge and forester in one.

How to get to John’s Castle

You can go there from city Břeclav by the green tourist trail or by a boat cruise provided by Lodní doprava Břeclav from certain ports shipping from Břeclav, or from the park in Lednice. If you prefer a train, you can go by the train from Břeclav too.

John’s Castle – official website but unfortunatelly it is still not translated into the English.