Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines – mysterious geoglyphs in fields in Peru

Nazca Lines are a series of mysterious geoglyphs located in a desert of a plateau stretching over 500 km2 in Peru, close by a picturesque town of Nazca. The geoglyphs of Nazca plateau were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Latin America in 1994.

Nazca Lines - the landscape around the town of Nazca

Nazca Lines – the landscape around the town of Nazca

I like mysteries that make today’s scientists’ heads spin. So far nobody was able to come up with a concrete proof, though some theories do exist. It seems to me that having such mysteries fires our imagination and allows our minds to wonder. How is it possible that someone was able to create something like this back then? What about the magical Machu Picchu or these unexplained and mysterious Nazca Lines?

Nazca Lines - view of the plateau from an airplane

Nazca Lines – view of the plateau from an airplane

I’ve wanted to see the Lazca Lines geoglyphs for a very long time. I vaguely remember reading about them in one of those newly founded post-revolution magazines full of mysteries and sensations back at high school. Today I can’t recall which one of them it was, but I can still see the article in front of my eyes. While reading it, I devoured every word and shook my head in disbelief.

What is the meaning of Nazca Lines?

What was the actual meaning of these images and what did they mean for the people back then? Thousands of scientists have been asking these questions until this day and so have millions of people around the world. I heard about many theories – some acceptable, others completely crazy.

Most people probably agree with a theory that explains the symbolism of these images quite simply – they were of religious ritual significance by which the natives were trying to communicate with their gods.

Nazca Lines - MONKEY

Nazca Lines – MONKEY

Maybe they were also trying to communicate with other civilizations out in space. One theory talks about those images being created by aliens and served as orientation points for the landing of alien visitors. However crazy this may sound, I have a friend in Peru who told me of stories the locals talk about, that in certain places in Peruvian mountains, flying objects can be seen regularly. And apparently he’s seen one himself. I’ve never really been into things like this, but if there is some civilization out there in space and is visiting Earth regularly, I’m convinced they almost certainly have to be landing around Nazca Lines. :)

How could someone from Earth draw something this big?

Enough fantasizing. One thing is hard to wrap your head around, though. Aside from the fact that the soil, if you can call it that way, is of volcanic origin, it’s hard to imagine how could people have been capable of creating such geometrically accurate images of this proportion, not knowing what exactly they were making and what will the result look like from above. Besides, why would they draw an ASTRONAUT?

Nazca Lines - Astronaut

Nazca Lines – Astronaut

Were the Nazca natives capable of flying?

In the context of Nazca Lines there are speculations that the people of Nazca were capable of flying even then, perhaps in primitive balloons filled with gas or hot air. Or that they could have made large dragons (like in China) that could carry one person, who observed the final result of the images. Or that he could direct the building of the geoglyphs from above. Who knows, really…

What’s the best way to see the images?

One thing is for sure, if you want to see the Nazca Lines in all its glory, you’ll have to book a sightseeing flight at the local airport. Because there are many images to be seen, you can choose one of the flyover variations and the price will vary depending on the amount of images you’ll see during your flight. However, if you pay good attention, you can spot some of the images you didn’t even “pay for”. ;-)

From the experience and information of the locals, I learned that on occasion a sightseeing airplane crashes (although that info is strictly kept away from the ears of the public), so I’d recommend you to not underestimate your research of the airlines and to not try to save a buck on the cost of the sightseeing flight, because it might not be worth it.

Nazca Lines - plane take off

Nazca Lines – plane take off

I’d like to wish you a pleasant flight and many wonderful experiences observing one of many unresolved mysteries of our beautiful planet Earth.

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